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Welcome to the website of the SEG Bratislava, Student chapter


The Society of Economic Geologists Bratislava (SEG Bratislava) is a Slovak organization primarily bringing together students of geological sciences at Faculty of Natural Sciences at Comenius University in Bratislava , as well as other professionals and supporters of Geosciences. The organization was founded at the initiative of Peter Koděra, PhD. and PhD. students  from departments of Geology and Environmental sciences. Slovak SEG, student chapter was formed in 2011 and is run by students and science educators from departments of economic geology, mineralogy and petrology and environmental geochemistry.

Since January 13, 2012, SEG Bratislava is officially part of a global organization Society of Economic Geologists. This society operates in the field of applied geology with interest focused on mineral deposits. Today the Society consists of more than 5000 members residing in over 90 countries throughout the world. It includes representatives from industry, academia, and government institutions. Annual meetings, publications, field conferences, and short courses ensure an active communication of economic geology-related concepts within the membership and with the economic geology profession at large.

The prestigious scientific journal Economic Geology  is published semi-quarterly by the Society of Economic Geologists, Inc. (SEG). The journal was first published in 1905 by the Economic Geology Publishing Company (PUBCO), a not-for-profit company established for the purpose of publishing a periodical devoted to economic geology.

Individual branches of SEG from various countries are organizing excursions around the world and thus contribute to the sophisticated system to ensure continuous communication between professionals from different geological areas of the world .

The main objective of our organization is to broaden the horizons of students and contribute to increasing expertise and knowledge in the field of geological sciences with a focus on the application in practice.

Member of SEG Bratislava, student chapter can become every student or young researcher at Comenius University in Bratislava, or another institution with a primary focus on geology.